you get what you ask for - photo of scientific experiment

You get what you asked for

In science, one of the prerequisites for proper research and reliable results is that the act of measuring does not influence the result. The same is true when you use a voting system to do the measuring: asking the right question and asking it the right way is not always easy. The way you ask a question can influence the answer you get. Read more

How to evaluate your event

Events are usually not organized in isolation. They are something that is organized with a purpose. The result of an event usually has an impact on what comes next: Read more

Improve the performance of your speaker: picture of microphone on stage

Improve the performance of your speaker

Did you know that a voting system at your event drastically improves the performance of your speaker(s)?

Well, actually that’s not entirely correct: Read more

Use your voting system while you have it

Use the voting system while you have it and increase return

For certain events, you just can’t do without a voting system. Take for example a meeting to elect a new Board of Directors. If there is a large audience in attendance, gathering the votes using a voting system will be a lot faster and more efficient than processing the votes manually. Read more

A diagram that shows the equipment set-up to illustrate the question: What is simultaneous interpretation?

What is simultaneous interpretation?

When asking “What is simultaneous interpretation” we might be tempted to immediately dive into the technical details. We can assure you, that’s not what we will be doing here. Read more

Picture taken in a meeting to illustrate the misconceptions about simultaneous interpretation

4 Misconceptions about simultaneous interpretation

People’s backgrounds often cause them to have misconceptions about simultaneous interpretation and its usefulness in multi-national meetings … Read more

Picture of an interactive voting system that is extremely easy to use

3 Steps to a better live event with voting

Adding voting increases the engagement of your audience. It enhances any type of meeting, presentation or conference. In this blog post, we touch briefly on how you improve your event with voting when working with duvall.
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Picture of attendees listening to simultaneous interpretation tips with interpreter booths in the background

8 Simultaneous interpretation tips

These 8 simultaneous interpretation tips enhance the quality of the simultaneous interpretation at your next event.

Good interpretation is not only about having good interpreters and technology, but also about good preparation and proper meeting procedures. It is definitely worth taking the trouble to learn how interpreters work.
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Audience listening to a speaker in an event hall where simultaneous speeches are held

Simultaneous speeches in one space

Consider a setting where multiple speeches are held simultaneously in one single space, like an exhibition hall or hotel ballroom. Each speech is repeated every hour and people in the audience can decide which speech they would like to listen to and at what time.

Question: Is that possible, or will it lead to a cacophony of speeches reverberating in the room, making it Read more

Picture of a meeting where the are working with interpreters

Working with interpreters: 9 keys to success

Working with interpreters means working with professionals who strive to deliver the best possible service to their customers. People rely on the interpreters when listening to a speaker with a different native language. They expect the interpretation to be accurate and to relay the subtleties of the original language as reliably as possible.
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