Voetbal voor blinden en slechtzienden op de blindentribune bij KRC Genk

How duvall technology helps visually impaired to enjoy football

Back in 2008, duvall came up with a technical solution allowing people with visual impairments to follow football matches from the stands. To do this, duvall worked together with Intro, a non-profit organisation that makes events accessible to people with disabilities. duvall is a sponsor of Intro.

How does it work?

Blind or partially sighted individuals, together with their companions, take a seat in the stands where they can follow the match while wearing headphones. From high up in the stadium, two commentators describe everything that happens on and next to the pitch.

Flemish Minister for Welfare Jo Van Deurzen visited stands for the visually impaired at KRC Genk, and was full of praise for the initiative.

Apart from KRC Genk, RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge and KAA Gent have introduced facilities for people with a visual impairment to enjoy live football thanks to cooperation between the respective clubs, Intro and duvall.

In the news

The following videos give an impression of how the system works and the responses we have received so far.

The duvall team is proud to be able to contribute to these wonderful initiatives!

Visually impaired stand at NAC Breda

A report from a game in Belgium

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