Improve the performance of your speaker: picture of microphone on stage

Improve the performance of your speaker

Did you know that a voting system at your event drastically improves the performance of your speaker(s)?

Well, actually that’s not entirely correct: a bad speaker will still be a bad speaker.

On the contrary, a good speaker – someone who is able to captivate their audience – can further enhance their performance with the help of a voting system.

How to improve the performance of your speaker?

Well, it is important for the speaker to be able to sit down with the voting system provider well in advance of the event to prepare the speech, explain what the subject of the presentation is and exchange ideas on how the voting system can become an integral part of the lecture.

By taking the following steps, the speaker – with the help of the voting service provider – is able to:

  • Make the presentation much more attractive and interactive;
  • Check whether what the audience knows about a certain topic, to see whether some things need to be explained first or he or she can dive straight in;
  • Check whether everybody is still on track during the lecture and understands what is being explained;
  • Find out what people expect at the beginning of the presentation, so that they know what topics they must elaborate on and what topics to skip;
  • Adapt the presentation to the response and needs of the audience.

This way, your speaker can much better anticipate what people would like to learn and live up to the expectations of the audience.

A word of warning though: this way of working requires a professional speaker: someone who knows their stuff and has mastered the art of adapting to an audience. Speakers who unconditionally adhere to a perfectly prepared PowerPoint without deviating from it will not be able to perform well in this setting.

Assuming you do have an excellent speaker you will not get a general ‘one-size- fits-all’ presentation that some people in the room may enjoy, but instead you’ll have an experience tailored to the expectations of the entire audience.

The result? A speaker who delivers a successful presentation, an audience who feel involved and happy about the lecture and a much higher return for you as an organizer!

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