Use your voting system while you have it

Use the voting system while you have it and increase return

For certain events, you just can’t do without a voting system. Take for example a meeting to elect a new Board of Directors. If there is a large audience in attendance, gathering the votes using a voting system will be a lot faster and more efficient than processing the votes manually.

Use the voting system while you have it

Consider this: you now have the voting system for a 5-minute vote and your meeting lasts all day. Why not use the system for other purposes than just the election of the new board?

By being creative you can turn a voting system into a tool that makes the entire meeting more interesting and more engaging. Moreover, you will get much more return on the investment you made to bring in the voting system.

Get more out of your investment

There is so much more that you can do to spice up the meeting and to get more out of it.

Typically, people believe that voting systems are limited by their technology, while in reality the only limit to your return on the voting system is the creativity of the organizer of the event. All you need is the skills and know-how, people who understand the technology and who master the art of putting the technology to work creatively.

Let’s take the example of a camera system: there are affordable non-professional camera systems out there that produce great quality images. You will, however, never get the captivating images a professional cameraman can shoot: it is their experience, and knowledge of framing, lighting, shooting angle and so on that makes the real difference.

We also often come across situations where people are preparing and planning an event and then at the very end decide to include a voting system somewhere. This means the system is appended to the event instead of being an integral part of it.

Such decisions are usually the result of a lack of knowledge, of the potential of such a system. Which is totally fine of course—it would be silly to expect people who do not use a voting system on a daily basis to grasp all of its potential.

What is important to understand, though, is that there are partners out there such as duvall who can add a great deal of value when they are allowed to participate early on, during the creation and planning of an event. They provide and manage voting systems at a wide variety of events and so have the experience of and insight into the possibilities of the system. After all, voting systems and their features are constantly developing and represent the accumulation of years of experience and thousands of events.

Isn’t it a comforting thought to be working with a party that understands this system inside out and that helps you put it to good use?

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