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3 Steps to a better live event with voting

Adding voting increases the engagement of your audience. It enhances any type of meeting, presentation or conference. In this blog post, we touch briefly on how you improve your event with voting when working with duvall.

There is more involved with making voting a valuable addition to your event than just making voting equipment available. The great thing about working with duvall is that we take all other worries out of your hands. You can then focus on the presentation itself and delivering a crystal-clear message to your audience.

A 3-step approach

  1. To start with, you need a list of questions. Depending on what you intend to do (inform, entertain, …), you decide on the sequence and the structure that you want. In this phase it is a good idea to already involve duvall so you can benefit from the experience we have. duvall will assist you in creating the best possible plan.
  2. duvall programmes the questions and possible answers into the computer. Of course, presentation of the questions and responses can be done in your own house style. All you need to do is supply us with PowerPoint files and visuals.
  3. You will receive a comprehensive briefing about how best to present your questions, how to instruct the audience in the use of the voting devices and how to present the results.

Full service

So next time you wonder how to have a better live event with voting to your event, turn to duvall for a full-service solution. Your knowledge of the topic and content of the presentation, and the experience of duvall in organizing engaging voting sessions, will make a powerful combination!


PS: Do you need more return on your event? Download here our free e-book  with tips to get more out of your meeting.

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