The next big shiny object

Event organizers are often looking for ‘the next big thing’ when it comes to crafting a memorable event. Creative minds come up with the most extraordinary show elements such as drones flying over and filming the audience, 3D projection or a Twitter wall. These ideas are often based on what is trending that moment, or what is hip or perceived as ‘a must’.

Organizers are happy to spend a lot of money on these types of ‘gadgets’ or gimmicks, but the most relevant questions for any event are often forgotten: “What do we want the outcome of the event to be? What do we want to gain for ourselves and what do the attendees need to take away after the event?”

What do attendees take away?

If the only thing that participants remember is that the organizers must have spent a fortune on this event that totally blew their socks off, you may be right to wonder whether the money was well spent.

Sit down and ask yourself what it is that you really want to achieve with your event—not only for you, but also for your audience.

Perhaps a voting system will help you achieve those goals: easier and with a smaller budget. From a technology point of view, it isn’t – unfortunately – very sexy, appealing or spectacular. And yes, putting on a good show is important – but there is so much more …


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