Hybrid Conferencing: a success story

Global thought leaders, regulators, judges and policymakers convened on January 31st, 2024 at the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel in Brussels for the Antitrust, Regulation and the Next World Order conference. This gathering, organized and chaired by renowned economist Cristina Caffara, created a platform for substantial discussions on the challenges and transformations in the global economic landscape.

Cristina Caffara,
a prominent economist, specialises in competition policy. She advises businesses and governments on mergers, antitrust issues, and regulations. Her expertise is highly respected in the field, making her a key figure in the world of competition policy and regulation

The event boasted a line-up of esteemed speakers, including influential figures like EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, US Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai, and Chair of the US Federal Trade Commission, Lina Khan, added depth and perspective to the debate.

With unique challenges in the complex landscape of regulatory discussions, the conference organizers sought a comprehensive partner to ensure a seamless experience.

The challenge

The conference presented unique challenges, including the need for an engaging virtual participant experience, complex stage design, and the facilitation of impactful discussions.

Managing multiple sessions and accommodating remote speakers required a partner with a deep understanding of the technical challenges and needs for such a conference.

Setting the stage for dialogue

duvall’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for meaningful dialogues was evident in the thoughtful stage design. The objective was to foster an atmosphere that facilitated seamless exchanges of ideas, rather than aiming for extravagant aesthetics. The stage served as a backdrop that emphasized the importance of content over theatrics.

Dynamic projection solutions ensured clear and precise content display. Our meticulous sound management contributed to a flawless auditory experience, capturing every nuance of the discussions. 

QuaQua: Enhancing the Hybrid Experience

duvall utilised the power of its proprietary solution, QuaQua, to provide a user-friendly platform for virtual attendees. This ensured a smooth and engaging experience for those participating remotely. QuaQua facilitated the participation of remote speakers, allowing them to contribute to the conference without being physically present.

The seamless inclusion of remote speakers added diversity to the discussions, turning the conference into a truly international dialogue.

See part of the discussion and QuaQua in action in this video.

Professional Livestream and Recording

The duvall team was perfect. Cristina was thrilled with duvall’s service. Please thank the team for us.

Kelly, Conference Organiser

The strategic use of cameras with automatic speaker focus aimed to enhance visual engagement. This technology ensured that the audience’s attention remained directed to the speaker, contributing to a more immersive experience without unnecessary and distracting embellishments. The emphasis was on delivering content in a clear and visually engaging manner.

Measurable Impact

duvall’s experience in conferencing combined with its strategic solutions contributed to a successful conference. The improved virtual participant experience, professional livestreaming, seamless hybrid integration, and inclusion of remote speakers enhanced overall engagement. The immersive stage design and dynamic projections added value, creating a positive and memorable conference experience.

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