Simultaneous interpreting at your event

18 Tips for organisers

You are organising an event with simultaneous interpreting
and wonder:

  • Where do I start?
  • What do I need to think of?
  • Is our venue suitable?
  • How many interpreters will I need?

Simultaneous interpreting at your event
18 tips for organisers

Download for FREE and discover:

  • How to best organise a meeting with simultaneous interpreting
  • How you can get the maximum result from working with interpreters
  • How to handle changes in the agenda
  • What your speakers need to look out for
  • What requirements the venue and equipment must meet
  • How to deal with videos and recordings
  • What simultaneous interpreting is NOT.
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Simultaneous interpreting at your event: 18 tips for organisers
Picture of Frank Uyttendaele

duvall’s CEO Frank Uyttendaele has more than 20 years’ experience with events involving simultaneous interpreting.

In this e-book, Frank shares his expertise and explains in 18 tips how you as an organiser can best prepare for simultaneous interpreting, what you need to consider when working with interpreters, and how you can make your event a success.

This e-book is ideal for those who are organising a meeting with simultaneous interpreting for the first time, or those who already have experience, but want to avoid a number of common pitfalls.

Download the free e-book by Frank Uyttendaele

“Simultaneous intervention at your event ─ 18 tips for organisers”