Audience listening to a speaker in an event hall where simultaneous speeches are held

Simultaneous speeches in one space

Consider a setting where multiple speeches are held simultaneously in one single space, like an exhibition hall or hotel ballroom. Each speech is repeated every hour and people in the audience can decide which speech they would like to listen to and at what time.

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Foto van de ruimte voor videoconferentie in Merelbeke

Videoconferencing room in Merelbeke

From their headquarters in Merelbeke, conferencing and meeting technology specialists duvall now also offer video conferencing. The new video-conferencing room in Merelbeke makes video conferencing possible for organisations that have only a sporadic need for telemeetings.
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Meeting tabel and interpreter booths at the Royal Palace in Brussels by duvall

ASEM2010 summit runs on duvall’s solutions

During the Belgian EU presidency in 2010, duvall was the preferred supplier for the really high-level meetings, such as the ASEM2010 summit in
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